Review: Lupine by Hanleigh Bradley

They say I’m their princess! Who are they kidding? I’m just Silver Springs Resident Orphan.
Even in Silver Springs, a town full of paranormal abnormalities, Lupine, the town’s resident orphan has never felt like she belonged.
Overworked, stressed, hair flying everywhere, Lupine is constantly on the move working with the unique children in the Silver Spring’s Orphanage. The Silver Springs human population regularly grumble to her about their parenting challenges.
They have no idea! They should try being responsible for twenty or so paranormal children. The orphanage is pure mayhem. The witches are hiding Lupine’s keys, the half-angels keep levitating up to the roof and the shifters are running rogue.
When the mafia come to town, will she finally find her home among the wolves?
Lupine is a paranormal reverse harem romance. It’s part of the Silver Springs shared universe.
Scroll up to read this mafia royalty, reverse harem romance today.

I received a copy of Lupine for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone.

Being my first Hanleigh Bradley book, I wasn’t sure what to expect writing style wise. I knew what the content would generally be. The main heroine will be named as the title of the book, there will be paranormal elements, and the romance is a reverse harem. For me, reverse harem is a hit or miss. Not that it’s bad, it isn’t, it just depends on the author’s delivery.

Hanleigh Bradley is a good delivery person. Her writing style is easy to get into and gave me enough about the world that makes me want to read other books in the series collection written by different authors. Her main character, Lupine is a wolf shifter and though I would have loved more of the furry side, she is a strong-willed heroine that had me flipping through the pages as quickly as I could. This book was easily a single sitting read.

Guilt free and filled with personal relationships: from working, family, and romance, this book was the piece of fluff and excitement I needed during this stressful time. I definitely recommend others to read Hanleigh Bradley if they just need a step back and some magic in their lives. And, I’m looking forward to reading more from this series.

Blog Tour (Review): Neon Darkness by Lauren Shippen

Series: The Bright Sessions (Book 2)
Hardcover: 256 pages
Publisher: Tor Teen (September 29, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250297540
ISBN-13: 978-1250297549


“X-Men by way of Salinger.” ―Mackenzi Lee, New York Timesbestselling author of The Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue


“Emotional and inventive, Lauren Shippen has written a queer love story for anyone who’s ever felt like an outsider. The Infinite Noise managed to make me swoon even as it broke my heart. A thoughtful and tender exploration of mental health, it will make you want to go to therapy, whether you have superpowers or not.” ―Britta Lundin, Riverdale screenwriter and author of Ship It

“The Infinite Noise is a marvelous book about love, mental health, and connection. Lauren Shippen writes with a clean and honest warmth that is deeply refreshing, and her sharp representation of depression and anxiety rings true. Once I started reading The Infinite Noise, I couldn’t stop; now that I’ve read it, my life has become a matter of waiting to get my hands on whatever Shippen creates next.” ―Sarah Gailey, Hugo Award winning author of Magic for Liars

“Fans of the podcast will revel in this closer look at the lives of the characters, and readers new to the franchise will drop into this world without missing a beat. Give this to fans of the podcast, as well as readers who enjoy Becky Albertalli’s Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, Rainbow Rowell’s work, and Welcome to Night Vale.” ―School Library Journal

“The author gives emotions form, texture, and color, taking readers along on Adam’s and Caleb’s journeys while remembering that a boyfriend is not an antidote to life’s supernatural―or mundane―problems…. A warm, satisfying love story with depth.” ―Kirkus Reviews

“Shippen does a superb job of handling a swirl of complex emotions, ranging from subtle to fiery as the boys struggle to complete each other and share their differences.” ―Booklist

The second Bright Sessions novel from creator Lauren Shippen that asks: “What if the X-Men, instead of becoming superheroes, decided to spend some time in therapy?”

Los Angeles, 2006. Eighteen-year-old Robert Gorham arrives in L.A. amid the desert heat and the soft buzz of neon. He came alone with one goal: he wants to see the ocean. And Robert always gets what he wants.

At a very young age, Robert discovered he had the unusual ability to make those close to him want whatever he wants. He wanted dessert instead of dinner? His mother served it. He wanted his Frisbee back? His father walked off the roof to bring it to him faster. He wanted to be alone? They both disappeared. Forever.

But things will be different in L.A. He meets a group of strange friends who could help him. Friends who can do things like produce flames without flint, conduct electricity with their hands, and see visions of the past. They call themselves Unusuals and finally, finally, Robert belongs.

When a tall figure, immune to their powers, discovers them, the first family that Robert has ever wanted is at risk of being destroyed. The only way to keep them
all together is to get his powers under control.

But control is a sacrifice he might not be willing to make.

A Neon Darkness is the origin story of Damien and the second stand-alone story
in the Bright Sessions Novels.

You can purchase A Neon Darkness at the following Retailers:


I received this book for an honest review for the blog tour via Jean Book Nerd. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.

This is my first Shippen book. I usually don’t read a “sequel” before reading the first book, but it being a standalone, an origin story, and not necessarily a sequel, I figured there was no harm in reading a little out of order. In a way, I kind of regret that.

I don’t regret it because it was hard to get into or to understand the characters. I feel it was more that I might have been missing something about the world that was established in Infinite Noise, the first book. That said, I wasn’t lost or confused. I just feel there might be something missing and perhaps that missing nugget of greatness is in the first book.

This isn’t to say that Neon Darkness is a bad book. The plot is a little slow moving, it isn’t until about 30% in that a plot starts to develop. However, the characters and their interaction makes up for that. Because, it didn’t take long to get to that 30%. This book is actually quite easily a single or maybe two sitting read.

Shippen’s writing style is fairly simple in that it is easy to read. The flow is very much like a conversation with other people. There is a division in narratives where we see the world through first person in our main character, but we also see the world in third person through the other characters. Sometimes, we are also given Robert’s past through flashbacks. Whereas in other books I might say this made the book cloudy and difficult to fully comprehend, I actually didn’t have a hard time following. I attribute this to the flowing ease of Shippen’s style that reminds me of both a fun television show and engaging time.

Robert as a character is multi-faceted. There are times I was wary about him and times I truly felt bad for him. He wasn’t my favorite, that honor was given to Indah and Neon, but there is a power about him that draws you in whether you like him or not. It excites me to see what he is like as Damien in Infinite Noise.

As for the other characters, I did mention earlier that Neon and Indah were my favorites. It’s true. Their dynamic and chemistry is well written and I loved their relationship, as complicated as it is. Their cautious acceptance of Robert is well done and kept me flipping pages to see what was going to happen next.

Stories about superhumans are few and far between. So to find one as engaging as Neon Darkness was a treat. I will definitely be getting Infinite Noise just to see Damien as other readers knew him before this book as well as just to see what golden nuggets I may have missed by reading the books “out of order”. This is a book I recommend for fans of grey characters, character studies, super powers, and LGBTQ+ positive representation. In such, Shippen is a reader to look into more for me.

Photo Content from Lauren Shippen
Lauren Shippen is a writer best known for her work in fiction podcasts. She was the creator and sole writer of the popular audio drama The Bright Sessions, which ran from 2015 to 2018. She went on to executive produce The AM Archives and co-produce the #1 podcast Passenger List, for which she received a BBC Audio Drama Award. Most recently, she wrote MARVELS, an audio adaptation of the popular comic. Her first novel, The Infinite Noise, was released through Tor Teen in September 2019.

Lauren was named one of Forbes 2018 30 Under 30 in Media and one of MovieMaker Magazine and Austin Film Festival’s 25 Screenwriters to Watch. In 2019, she founded Atypical Artists, a company dedicated to audio storytelling. Shippen grew up in New York, where she spent most of her youth reading and going to Panic! at the Disco shows. She now lives in Los Angeles, where she does the same thing.

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Blog Tour (Review): A Song Below Water by Bethany C. Morrow

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Tor Teen (June 2, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250315328
ISBN-13: 978-1250315328


“Morrow expertly and smartly explores race, bigotry, oppression, and injustice against a backdrop of ordinary life with a dose of the supernatural added to the mix. A Song Below Water is a must-read for lovers of fantasy and contemporary stories alike. ” ―Booklist, starred review

“Morrow has deftly woven a contemporary tale with mythical elements to take on the invisibility and marginalization of Black women, touching on issues such as misogynoir, body image, social justice, and generational trauma. Empowering and innovative. Morrow elevates mermaids and sirens to ­legitimate and compelling vanguards for social change.” ―School Library Journal

“A watery and melodic crossroads of the real and the mythic, A Song Below Water lures readers with its seductive and beautifully black siren song. An enthralling tale of black girl magic and searing social commentary ready to rattle the bones.” ―Dhonielle Clayton, New York Timesbestselling author of The Belles series

“I love this book so, so much! Bethany C. Morrow delivers a blistering modern classic with this gorgeous tale of friendship and power. A Song Below Water somehow manages to be intensely happy and sad at the same time and all in the balance of great, riveting storytelling. The best YA novel I’ve read all year.” ―Daniel José Older, New York Times bestselling author of Shadowshaper

“Morrow masterfully blends the real lives of Black girls in contemporary Portland with a mythic world of sirens, gargoyles and other supernatural creatures to create a compelling coming-of-age story in which two sisters, bound by love and fate, find their voices and their power.” ―Rebecca Roanhorse, Hugo, Nebula and John W. Campbell Award Winner, author of Trail of Lightning and Star Wars: Resistance Reborn

“Empowering and full of surprises, A Song Below Water reminds us how important it is to use our voices, even when we’re afraid. Morrow has created a world that’s both familiar and brimming with fantastical creatures, and the result is timely, necessary, and utterly captivating.” ―Akemi Dawn Bowman, award-winning author of Starfish

“A rich, intricate dive into mythology, misogynoir, and the way the world makes black girls out to be monsters. Like the siren’s song, A Song Below Water is irresistibly compelling.” ―Heidi Heilig, award-winning author of The Girl from Everywhere

“The world is lush and intense, the voice intoxicating, and the message eternal. Morrow will have you under her spell from page one.” ―L.L. McKinney, author of the Nightmare-Verse series

“A compelling tale packed with endlessly inventive magical concepts, blazingly current social commentary, and heroines you’ll fall hopelessly in love with. I’m obsessed.” ―Sarah Kuhn, author of Heroine Complex series

“A Song Below Water is a lush, colorful, and deeply moving masterpiece about mythology, the sometimes masked evils of racism, and all the ways the world hurts black girls. An irresistible and perfectly bewitching read that I couldn’t put down!” ―Jay Coles, composer and author of Tyler Johnson Was Here

“A Song Below Water is a captivating tale about the magic of sisterhood and the importance of being seen for who you truly are.” ―Parker Peevyhouse, author of The Echo Room

“An exciting new contemporary fantasy. In this parallel world, black female empowerment is standing up for yourself and others while simultaneously navigating love, physical and emotional violence, and the responsibility of immense supernatural power.” ―Kirkus Reviews

Tavia is already at odds with the world, forced to keep her siren identity under wraps in a society that wants to keep her kind under lock and key. Never mind she’s also stuck in Portland, Oregon, a city with only a handful of black folk and even fewer of those with magical powers. At least she has her bestie Effie by her side as they tackle high school drama, family secrets, and unrequited crushes.

But everything changes in the aftermath of a siren murder trial that rocks the nation; the girls’ favorite Internet fashion icon reveals she’s also a siren, and the news rips through their community. Tensions escalate when Effie starts being haunted by demons from her past, and Tavia accidentally lets out her magical voice during a police stop. No secret seems safe anymore—soon Portland won’t be either.

You can purchaseA Song Below Water at the following Retailers:
I received a copy of A Song Below Water from the publisher via Jean Book Nerd for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation made for this review.
So. This book. I’ll be honest here, it was a bit of a conflict for me. I wasn’t sure where it was going or how I was going to relate to the book. I am not a black female and I haven’t lived the struggles that can be associated with being one. However, I don’t think you need that for this book.
It took some sitting down for me to know what I wanted to focus on in this review. It’s the underlying message of voices needing to be heard. I feel that in a subconscious. I have that one desire: to be heard. And that very fear: to be silenced. This book is also about identity. Not the social identity that society gives you (both the bad and good), but the personal identity. The direct decision to be the type of person you want to be.
That isn’t to say there aren’t some other core issues in this book that are greatly directed to today and every day, there are. But, I believe this book is about finding who you want to be in a world that pushes and tells you different narratives.
The writing isn’t what I would put for older teen audiences. I feel this is more for the younger teen spectrum. But, it has a relevant message that everyone can relate to and hold in their hearts.
I do feel this book could have been longer and I felt that the two points of view were confusing at times. Not because of there being multiple viewpoints, but because I wasn’t sure how the two connected. They do because they are “sisters”, but their lives aren’t written in the same parallel that literature likes to make them. One character is finding her voice and identity through that. The other is finding a familial identity and  The concept of the work was strong and the lore was interesting. I wanted more of the world itself, to actually feel it.
All in all, I would read another book from Morrow and am excited to see what else she has in store for our bookshelves.
Photo Content from Bethany C. Morrow 

Bethany C. Morrow is a recovering expat splitting her time between Montreal, Quebec, and upstate New York – yet another foreign place. A California native, Bethany graduated from the University of California, Santa Cruz with a BA in Sociology (but took notable detours in the Film and Theatre departments). Following undergrad, she studied Clinical Psychological Research at the University of Wales, Bangor, in Great Britain before returning to North America to focus on her literary work.

Though sociology and forensic psychology will always be among her passions, writing has been a lifelong endeavor. Whether in novels for the YA or adult market, novellas, short stories, stage plays, television pilots or short film scripts, Bethany’s speculative literary fiction uses a focus on character and language to engage with, comment on and investigate worlds not unlike our own.

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Blog Tour (REVIEW): Avatars Inc: A Sci-fi Anthology edited by Ann Vandermeer

Published March 13th 2020 by XPRIZE

Avatars Inc
ISBN: 139781734336214
Edition Language: English
Praise for CURRENT FUTURES: A SCI-FI OCEAN ANTHOLOGY“Ann VanderMeer’s outstanding Current Futures: A Sci-Fi Ocean Anthology, is a selection of stories about climate change and the future of our oceans, all by some of the best writers working today…on the XPRIZE’s website, it is as indispensable as anything on this list.” —Jonathan Strahan, Reviews Editor, Locus

“Ann VanderMeer’s Current Futures: A Sci-Fi Ocean Anthology is a required-reading, online-only “sci-fi ocean anthology” sponsored by XPRIZE.” —Liza Goren Trombi, Editor-in-Chief, Locus

**In 2020 the most recent anthology from XPRIZE, Current Futures: A Sci-Fi Ocean Anthology, was named to the Locus Recommended Reading list of 2019**

**4 Short stories from Current Futures: A Sci-Fi Ocean Anthology were included in the Short Stories section of the Locus Recommended Reading List of 2019**

Mars 2080

While on a mission to mars in the year 2080, a young astronaut encounters a decommissioned robotic Avatar unit, partially buried in the Martian dust.

She poops open the cranial casing to find its central processing chip, still intact. She holds the chip up to her visual display unit to reveal its contents. Within moments, she is flooded with what-seem-to-be “memories” from the life of the avatar.

This is Avatar Inc’s 24th successful mission, as part of an overall campaign to physically retrieve, preserve and archive the memory cards from their most valuable robotic avatar unitis.

They searched the world, and deep into the solar system, to acquire the chips that contain avatar memories spanning the 21st century.

These are those memories.

CREATOR: Eric Desatnik
SL Haung, Sarah Pinsker, JY Yang, Kelly Robson, Nino Cipri, Jeffrey Ford, K Chess, Indrapamit Das, Robert Reed, Paul McAuley, Julianna Baggot, Ken Liu, Merc, Fenn Wolfmoor, Pat Cadigan, Tom Sweterlitsch, James S.A. Corey, Adrian Tchaikovsky, Johanna Sinisalo, Tade Thompson, Dr. Harry Kloor, Charles Yu, Aliette de Bodard, Julie Novàkovà, and Madeline Ashby


I received a copy from the publisher via Jean Book Nerd for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.

I’m not a big Sci-Fi fan. There have been some books I like, but most of the time it’s a hit or miss. I’m saying this because I feel I may not be the best judge for sci-fi fiction for this reason. That isn’t to say that I found this book boring. Actually, I found it refreshing.

Oftentimes, we see sci-fi as the destruction or inevitable end of mankind. There are cataclysmic natural disasters, governments taking over, or the idea that artificial intelligence will one day rule you. Rather bleak, right?

I like sci-fi that pokes fun, is an adventure story set so far in the future the humans in them would be the same as King Arthur with his knights, or the stories that are human first and technology second. Avatars Inc is the third one.

Comprised of many different stories, but each one important. I’ve seen humans struggle, persist, and love in this anthology. It isn’t bleak, it embraces all that makes humans human. There were some stories I devoured quickly and others I had to take a moment to mull through. But each one was unique and helped me see the world through the eyes of a machine.

The Avatars in this book are machines made for people to plug-in like a virtual reality system and explore the world. With it, a pregnant woman in labor can climb the mountains and preserve the environment or a paralyzed adult can visit a dying parent. It had me thinking about how it would be a great thing for people today to visit family during COVID-19.

There was a pause in that point in my reading. It was a bittersweet pause, filled with the pent-up anxiety being at home causes, but it didn’t take away from the book. If you love human stories but need a little extra, check out this anthology. If you like Sci-fi and are tired of the bleak messages, check out this anthology.

All in all, I enjoyed this book and am glad I said yes to reviewing it.

Final Rating: 3/5

Photo Content from AnnVanderMeer

Over a 30-year career, Ann VanderMeer has won numerous awards for her editing work, including the Hugo Award and World Fantasy Award. Whether as editor-in-chief for Weird Tales for five years or in her current role as an acquiring editor for, Ann has built her reputation on acquiring fiction from diverse and interesting new talents. As co-founder of Cheeky Frawg Books, she has helped develop a wide-ranging line of mostly translated fiction. Featuring a who’s who of world literature, Ann VanderMeer’s anthologies include the critically acclaimed Best American Fantasy series, The Weird, The Time Traveler’s Almanac, Sisters of the Revolution, and the forthcoming Big Book of SF (Vintage).

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BLOG TOUR (Review): Last Girls by Demetra Brodsky

Hardcover: 368 pages
Publisher: Tor Teen (May 5, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250256526
ISBN-13: 978-1250256522

Praise for LAST GIRLS

“A riveting, pulse-pounding story about family, love, and what happens when the end of the world turns out to be the beginning. I loved the fierce, funny, and fantastic Juniper sisters.” ―Kathleen Glasgow, New York Times bestselling author of Girl in Pieces

“ABAO: All bets are off in this intense, action-packed thriller. Last Girls is both a sister story with heart and a deep-dive into Doomsday Prepper culture that will keep you up all night turning pages.” ―Kelly deVos, author of Day Zero

“Last Girls is a harrowing view into a world where sisterly bonds are sealed in blood, and doomsday is only a breath away. Demetra Brodsky’s portrayal of three girls living on the fringes of society, learning to question authority, identity, and the definition of family, kept me riveted until the final page.” ―Gillian French, Edgar Award nominated author of The Missing Season and The Lies They Tell

“Tense and compulsively readable. . . I won’t be forgetting the Juniper sisters any time soon.” ―Kara Thomas, author of The Cheerleaders

“This gripping thriller laced with dark family secrets had me tearing through the pages. …. prepare to stay up late reading this one!” ―Emmy Laybourne, international bestselling author of the Monument 14 trilogy

“Brodsky weaves a suspenseful tale reflective of the current political landscape, interwoven with Shakespearean subtext . . . this is a story of survival and figuring out who to trust in a world where the characters have been taught to trust no one.” ―School Library Journal

“[this] effective mix of mystery, romance, and strong, capable young women is a real page-turner and will send fans back to Brodsky’s first novel, Dive Smack (2018).” ―Booklist

Cover Artist: Dana Lédlová

No one knows how the world will end.

On a secret compound in the Washington wilderness, Honey Juniper and her sisters are training to hunt, homestead, and protect their own.

Train for every situation.

But when danger strikes from within, putting her sisters at risk, training becomes real life, and only one thing is certain:

Nowhere is safe.

You can purchase Last Girls at the following Retailers:
I received a copy of Last Girls for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.
The sheer fact of not getting a lot of information in the blurb is what caught my attention. I had a few suspicions as to what the book was going to be about. After all, it mentions a prepper compound and the end of the world. Of course I would think about the inner politics of a compound being the big thing.
Suffice to say that first impressions can be deceiving. And that is also the case inside the book. You think one thing about a character and another thing pops up instead, leaving the reader in a suspense-filled book all the while trying to grapple with the high energy of a compound and the disturbing current events around the world.
This is probably not a book to be reading when you are having a rather stressful quarantine, but that isn’t to say the book is bad. Oh no. Demetra Brodsky weaved a good story with great pacing all the while insisting that the arts are equally as important as survival skills. Which, actually, is very much what is going on today. So many artists are coming out of the woodwork because of being stuck at home.
I don’t know if Brodsky saw this coming and wrote a story with similar themes about today, but I applaud her.
Honey was a bit rough around her edges, but as the story goes not only does she begin to soften, but the reader begins to see her as who she is. Each Juniper sister had a quality to them that made them different but also connected them in a way that only being family can. And I want to add, I absolutely love how Shakespeare is played into this and the more I think about it, the more I see how Brodsky really wove it in. I’d say something, but it’s a spoiler, but oh man, it has my desire to analyze.
I am definitely going to be reading more from Demetra Brodsky.
Final Rating: a solid 4/5
Photo Content from Demetra Brodsky

DEMETRA BRODSKY loves to write twisty thrillers about dark family secrets. She is an award-winning graphic designer & art director turned full-time. A first-generation Greek American and native of Massachusetts with a B.F.A from the Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Demetra now lives in Southern California where she’s always exploring and researching, hunting for clues that might feed into her next book. Dive Smack, her debut YA Thriller, was a 2018 Junior Library Guild Selection, and an (ALAN) Pick (The Assembly on Literature for Adolescents of NCTE).



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BLOG TOUR (REVIEW): Now Then and Every When by Rysa Walker

Print Length: 503 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 1612189199
Publisher: 47North (April 1, 2020)
Publication Date: April 1, 2020
Sold by: Services LLC
Language: English


“Walker (the CHRONOS Files series) opens the CHRONOS Origins series with this ambitious time-travel adventure…a twisty narrative that expertly blends the past and the future. Fans of intelligent time-travel stories will be rewarded.” —Publishers Weekly

“Fans of Walker’s (Courier to the Stars, 2019, etc.) CHRONOS Files series will enjoy seeing the pieces of that mythology falling into place here, but new readers can easily jump in to this origin story with no prior knowledge. An enjoyable, mind-bending time-travel adventure.” —Kirkus Reviews

From the bestselling author of the Chronos series comes a page-turning novel of time travel, fast-paced action, and history-changing events.

When two time-traveling historians cross paths during one of the most tumultuous decades of the twentieth century, history goes helter-skelter. But which one broke the timeline?

In 2136 Madison Grace uncovers a key to the origins of CHRONOS, a time-travel agency with ties to her family’s mysterious past. Just as she is starting to jump through history, she returns to her timeline to find millions of lives erased—and only the people inside her house realize anything has changed.

In 2304 CHRONOS historian Tyson Reyes is assigned to observe the crucial events that played out in America’s civil rights movement. But a massive time shift occurs while he’s in 1965, and suddenly the history he sees isn’t the history he knows.

As Madi’s and Tyson’s journeys collide, they must prevent the past from being erased forever. But strange forces are at work. Are Madi and Tyson in control or merely pawns in someone else’s game?

You can purchaseNow, Then, and Everywhen at the following Retailers:
I received a copy of Now Then and Every When for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.
I fell in love with Rysa Walker’s work back when I read Timebound. That book had three huge things I am interested in: Cults, H. H. Holmes, and Time Travel. In short, it was crazy for me not to dive-in. But, this review is about Now Then and Every When.
Now Then and Every When is the origin story of Chronos, a group of time travelers called Historians. But, here’s the kicker, it’s the origin story of the time travel group after the events in the Chronos Files trilogy. So, if you’re thinking this is a prequel, it kind of isn’t because this isn’t the Chronos before the crazy that begins in Timebound but yet it is because you meet younger versions of the Historians. So, it’s what could be seen as a sequel, prequel, and companion story (companion because same universe and main characters from previous series are minor characters in this series).
As if that isn’t confusing enough, you also have it in multiple POVs. There are chapters that are newspaper articles (Walker gives credit to them and explains which were adapted for the story in an afterward), Kate (our MC in the Chronos File trilogy), Madi, and a Historian named Tyson. Each POV brings together the events of the past, present, and future to culminate in a rich sci-fi/fantasy.
What I love about time travel are the different threads and connections. As a reader, you find yourself questioning what has happened, what is real, and how they all connect later. Time travel books can be easy or difficult to form. You have the linear time travel where the concept is a character time travels, changes some things, but the timeline and historical events aren’t changed too much by this. You have the curved where the historical timeline is still intact, but the characters’ life in that time travel adventure are turned topsy-turvy. And then you have a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey-wimey stuff.
Rysa Walker’s work is the latter. To say she doesn’t do her homework and craft an in-depth world is incorrect. She puts in details that you don’t realize until you read the book a second or third time. Her characters are well thought out. I would have a coffee with these people! Hands down, she is my number one author I recommend when it comes to time travel books and I am here for all (not just her time travel stuff either, Delphi trilogy is amazing too).
If you want a carefully crafted and inventive adventure that makes you see history in a different way, check out this book. And no, you don’t technically need to read the Chronos Files first, but I still highly recommend them.
Final Rating: 4/5
Photo Content from Rysa Walker

RYSA WALKER is the author of the bestselling CHRONOS Files series. Timebound, the first book in the series, was the Young Adult and Grand Prize winner in the 2013 Amazon Breakthrough Novel Awards. The CHRONOS Files has sold nearly half a million copies since 2013 and has been translated into fourteen languages.

In addition to speculative fiction, she occasionally writes mysteries as C. Rysa Walker.

Rysa currently resides in North Carolina with her husband, two youngest sons, and a hyperactive golden retriever. When not working on the next installment in her CHRONOS Files universe, she watches shows where travelers boldly go to galaxies far away, or reads about magical creatures and superheroes from alternate timelines. She has neither the time nor the patience for reality TV.

If you see her on social media, please tell her to get back into the writing cave.

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BLOG TOUR (REVIEW): Blame the Dead by Ed Ruggero

Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Forge Books (March 3, 2020)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 1250312744
ISBN-13: 978-1250312747


“The title of this riveting, finely crafted novel may be Blame the Dead, but I blame author Ed Ruggero–for keeping me up at night, reading “just one more” chapter then another and another. Whether your interests lie in a well-wrought mystery, a classic cop story, historical settings or first-rate military fiction, this thoroughly enjoyable novel set during World War II checks the block. Great pacing, compelling characters, solid research and a fiendishly clever plot add up to non-stop reading excitement.” ―Ralph Peters, author of Cain at Gettysburg and Judgment at Appomattox

“This book is a lot of fun, written with an insider’s feel for the U.S. Army and its history.” ―Thomas E. Ricks, author of The Generals and Fiasco: The American Military Adventure in Iraq

“Ruggero’s story sets itself apart with the vividly rendered field-hospital setting and the focus on the battle-hardened nurses. A solid choice for WWII-thriller fans.” ―Booklist

“At the start of this exceptional WWII mystery and series launch, Lt. Eddie Harkins, an MP who was once a Philadelphia beat cop, comes across a murder scene near Palermo, Sicily…. Ruggero plays fair with his readers and makes the carrying out of a homicide inquiry in wartime both exciting and plausible.” ―Publishers Weekly, starred review

“Ruggero uses his military expertise to create a vivid and unconventional setting for a murder mystery, crafting an intriguing quagmire of institutional corruption to challenge his everyman hero.” ―Library Journal

The nurses of the US Army’s Field Hospitals, mobile units that operate just behind the battle lines, contend with heat, dirt, short-handed staffs, the threat of German counterattack and an ever-present flood of horribly wounded GIs. At the 11th Field Hospital near Palermo, Sicily in the bloody summer of 1943, nurses also live with the threat of violent assault by one of their own–at least until someone shoots Dr. Myers Stephenson in the head.

Enter Eddie Harkins, a tough former Philadelphia beat cop turned Military Police lieutenant, who is first on the scene. Although he has never been a detective, Harkins soon finds himself the lone investigator, either because the Military Police are under-staffed or because someone in power thinks this rank amateur will never get close to the real killer. When the hospital commander tries to derail Harkins’ investigation by transferring or harassing key witnesses, it becomes clear to Harkins that the unit is rotten to its core, that the nurses are not safe, and that patients who have survived Nazi bullets are still at risk after they arrive at this place that is supposed to save them.

Harkins fights–and worries that he is losing–multiple battles. He is driven to give hope to nurses who just want to do their life-saving work, to right at least a few of the wrongs around him, and to do penance for sins in his own past. The one bright note for Harkins is a rekindled relationship with Kathleen Donnelly, a nurse from Harkins’ old neighborhood; but even that is complicated when Donnelly becomes a victim.

You can purchaseBlame the Dead at the following Retailers:
I received a copy of Blame the Dead from the publisher via Jean BookNerd for an honest review. There was no compensation for this review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone.
Historical fiction is a hit and miss for me. Sometimes, it feels more like a history lesson than an immersive journey. Don’t get me wrong, I love history. It’s my second favorite school subject (next to English). But, reading fiction in a historical setting can be overrun with history. That is unless the history aspect is the backdrop.
Blame the Dead is a murder mystery first and foremost. It just happens to be set in World War Two. It just happens to be in the middle of a war.
The mystery is well done, pulling the reader into the narrative fast. I felt my heartstrings pull for much of the cast. There isn’t just the murder, but also the dark underbelly of the military. You may find out who the killer is before the book ends, but the story and characters are so well done that you have to finish reading it.
I definitely saw this book as a movie in my head and would love to read more with Harkins as our main protagonist.
Final Rating: 4/5
Photo Content from EdRuggero

Ed Ruggero has studied, practiced, and taught leadership for more than twenty-five years, helping organizations develop the kinds of leaders people want to follow. His client list includes the FBI, the New York City Police Department, CEO Conference Europe, the CIA, the Young Presidents Organization, Forbes, the SAS Institute, Hugo Boss USA, CitiFinancial, and Time, among many others. He has appeared on CNN, The History Channel, the Discovery Channel, and CNBC and has spoken to audiences around the world on leadership, leader development and ethics. Ed is a senior advisor to McKinsey & Company and has been a panelist for The Washington Post’s On Leadership series. He also has been a guest speaker at Harvard Business School and the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School of Business.

Ed is the author of eleven books, including Duty First: West Point and the Making of American Leaders, a study of leader development at the US Military Academy; and Combat Jump: The Young Men Who Led the Assault Into Fortress Europe, July 1943, which became a one-hour docudrama on The History Channel. Ed is also the co-author of The Leader’s Compass, a fictional story of how one leader developed a personal leadership philosophy. His most recent book is The First Men In: US Paratroopers and the Fight to Save D-Day.

After his graduation from West Point, Ed received his commission in the United States Army and served as an infantry officer in a variety of leadership positions, followed by an assignment teaching at West Point. After his service, Ed continued to share his insights about leadership, leading to his career as an author, public speaker, and trainer.

Ed is the founder and principal of The Gettysburg Leadership Experience, The Concord Leadership Experience, The Valley Forge Leadership Experience and the Normandy Leadership Experience, four distinct experiential learning programs in which participants walk the grounds of great military struggles and learn battle-tested leadership lessons that will help them meet today’s business challenges.

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BLOG TOUR (REVIEW): The Killing Fog by Jeff Wheeler

Print Length: 404 pages
Publisher: 47North (March 1, 2020)
Publication Date: March 1, 2020
Sold by: Services LLC
Language: English

“Wheeler (Broken Veil) opens the Grave Kingdom series with this winding tale of valor and sacrifice, set in a realm where using magic summons a heavy fog that kills every living thing it touches. [T]he threat of the fog looming in the background adds atmosphere and tension…This excellent introduction to the prolific Wheeler’s work will appeal to fans of Asian-influenced fantasy.” —Publishers Weekly

The Wall Street Journal bestselling author of the Kingfountain series conjures an epic, adventurous world of ancient myth and magic as a young woman’s battle with infinite evil begins.

Survivor of a combat school, the orphaned Bingmei belongs to a band of mercenaries employed by a local ruler. Now the nobleman, and collector of rare artifacts, has entrusted Bingmei and the skilled team with a treacherous assignment: brave the wilderness’s dangers to retrieve the treasures of a lost palace buried in a glacier valley. But upsetting its tombs has a price.

Echion, emperor of the Grave Kingdom, ruler of darkness, Dragon of Night, has long been entombed. Now Bingmei has unwittingly awakened him and is answerable to a legendary prophecy. Destroying the dark lord before he reclaims the kingdoms of the living is her inherited mission. Killing Bingmei before she fulfills it is Echion’s.

Thrust unprepared into the role of savior, urged on by a renegade prince, and possessing a magic that is her destiny, Bingmei knows what she must do. But what must she risk to honor her ancestors? Bingmei’s fateful choice is one that neither her friends nor her enemies can foretell, as Echion’s dark war for control unfolds.

You can purchaseThe Killing Fog at the following Retailers:

I received a copy of The Killing Fog for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.

Ever since I can remember, it has been a father/daughter thing to watch poorly written monster movies and Asian fighting movies. I have a deep love for Michelle Yeoh, Jet Li, Jackie Chan, and others I can’t remember off the top of my head. So, when The Killing Fog crossed my inbox, I was both excited and intrigued. What is this Eastern fantasy? Is it like Across the Nightingale Floor?

No. It is something more. From the moment I started reading, I was pulled into my dad’s living room, watching an Asian fighting epic of a heroine thrust into battle that she never intended.

Jeff Wheeler’s writing is well done, pulling you into the world. I found myself enthralled with not only our lead, Bingmei, but with the supporting cast. The world building is ancient, magical, and holds something that is Eastern in inspiration, but possibly more than that.

For the fantasy fan, this is definitely a book to read. I now want to read more from Jeff Wheeler.

Final Rating: 4/5

Photo Content from Jeff Wheeler

Jeff Wheeler took an early retirement from his career at Intel in 2014 to write full-time. He is a husband, father of five, and a devout member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Jeff lives in the Rocky Mountains. His books have been on the Wall Street Journal Bestseller list 5 times (for The Thief’s Daughter, The King’s Traitor, The Hollow Crown, The Silent Shield, and Prism Cloud) and have sold more than 4 million copies. His novels have also been published or will be published in many languages: Italian, Chinese, Hungarian, Turkish, Polish, Spanish, Russian, and German.
He is also the founder of Deep Magic: the E-zine of Clean Fantasy and Science Fiction (, a quarterly e-zine featuring amazing short stories, novellas, and sample chapters.
You can usually find Jeff at Emerald City Comic Con, New York Comic Con or at writers conferences.
He welcomes hearing from readers: jgwheels /at/ gmail dot com
If you are interested in purchasing signed copies of his books for friends, family, or your own collection, please e-mail: WOJWbooks /at/ gmail dot com

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BLOG TOUR (REVIEW): The Nutcracker Conspiracy by Lauren Carr

“Steps up several
levels into an exciting category all its own. It’s thriller, cold case,
mystery suspense, and police procedural, all rolled into one exciting
novel. Set amidst the political drama that comes with Washington DC and
the Pentagon, a current multiple murder becomes a search years in the
past. With a young, hot lieutenant assigned to NCIS, and his beautiful
new wife, you have all the makings of a bestseller.  Nicely done, Ms.
Carr!” – Review by Merry Citarella, Mystery Suspense Reviews

The Latest Best-Selling Thorny Rose Mystery Available Now!

Get Your Copy Today!


Join us for this tour from Jan 20 to Feb 28, 2020!


Book Details:

Book TitleThe Nutcracker Conspiracy (A Thorny Rose Mystery #4) by Lauren Carr
Category:  Adult Fiction (18 +),  388 pages
Genre:  Mystery
Publisher:  Acorn Book Services
Release date:   January 30, 2020
Content Rating:  PG-13 (Lauren Carr’s books are murder mysteries,
so there are murders involved. Occasionally, a murder will happen on
stage. There is sexual content, but always behind closed doors. Some
mild swearing (a hell or a damn few and far between). No F-bombs!


Book Description:

Three years ago, the nation gasped in horror when the President of the
United States barely escaped an assassination attempt that left two
dead—the vice president’s wife and the attempted assassin.  Even after
numerous investigations proved otherwise, conspiracy theorists argue
that the assassin was acting on orders from the CIA, FBI, and every
federal agency within a hundred miles of the capital.

Aspiring Author Dean Conway is the last person Lieutenant Commander
Murphy Thornton wants to spend his Saturday afternoon when they end up
at the same wedding reception table. While their wives tend to
bridesmaid duties, Murphy is trapped listening to Dean’s latest
work-in-project—completing the manuscript of an investigative journalist
who’d disappeared months earlier.

“She was number twelve,” Dean says.

“Twelve?” Murphy asks.

“Twelve witnesses connected to or investigating The Nutcracker shooting have died either in an accident or suicide.”

Two days later, Dean dies suddenly―but not before sending a text message to Murphy:


I received a copy of THE NUTCRACKER CONSPIRACY for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.
Can we just take a moment and look at this cover? The rain, the suit, and the gun with the silencer. It just gives you 007 vibes, right? Not to mention, I have to say this is the best cover in the batch!
Just like the other book I read from Carr, the writing is well done. The story pulled me in shortly after the first few chapters. The action is well done and again, the character relationships are great.
Final Rating: 3/5
Check Out These Other Thorny Rose Mysteries:
“The plot was original, fresh and fast paced in spite of the
“traditional elements” employed which can normally be found in any other
thriller of this genre. The USP of this story would be its
unpredictability. When you think you have it all guessed up, the plot
would change its course keeping you hooked. There were a lot of suspense
twists and turns that kept the momentum up. Needless to say, the
writing was simply perfect. One thing that writer needs to be lauded for
is the humor she inculcated in the book. Minus those humorous parts,
the book would have been one serious read.” – Reviewer: Book and Ink


Book Description:

Five women with seemingly nothing in common are found brutally murdered
in a townhome outside Washington, DC. Among the many questions
surrounding the massacre is what had brought these apparent strangers
together only to be killed.

Taking on his first official murder case, Lieutenant Murphy Thornton,
USN, believes that if he can uncover the thread connecting the victims,
then he can find their murderer.

The case takes an unexpected turn when Murphy discovers that one of the
victims has a connection to his stepmother, Homicide Detective Cameron
Gates. One wintry night, over a dozen years before, her first husband, a
Pennsylvania State trooper, had been run down while working a night
shift on the turnpike.

In this first installment of the Thorny Rose Mysteries, the Lovers in
Crime join newlyweds Murphy Thornton and Jessica Faraday to shift
through a web of lies and cover-ups. Together, can the detectives of the
Thorny Rose uncover the truth without falling victim to a cunning

“Mysteries, murder, danger, and memories that threatens their
lives keeps the action and suspense at a high level and even when the
answers are found, it left me wanting more.” – Review by Sherry Fundin of Fundinmental

Book Description:After ten months of marital bliss, Jessica Faraday and Murphy Thornton
are still discovering and adjusting to their life together. Settled in
their new home, everything appears to be perfect … except in the middle
of the night when, in the darkest shadows of her subconscious, a deep
secret from Jessica’s past creeps to the surface to make her strike out
at Murphy.When investigative journalist Dallas Walker tells the couple about her
latest case, known as the Pine Bridge Massacre, they realize Jessica may
have witnessed the murder of a family while visiting family at the
winery near-by, and suppressed the memory.Determined to uncover the truth and find justice for the murder victims,
Jessica and Murphy return to the scene of the crime with Dallas Walker,
a spunky bull-headed Texan. Can this family reunion bring closure for a
community touched by tragedy or will this prickly get-together bring an
end to the Thorny Rose couple?

 Buy the Book:
Amazon ~ Audible
Add to Goodreads

Murder by Perfection is a wonderful read and a perfect to
escape from the challenges of a busy day. Danger, intrigue, humor, and
love all take their turn in this tale which will keep you reading into
the wee hours.” Review by Marilyn R. Wilson, Olio by Marilyn

Book Description:Beware: Perfection has a dark side!

Frustrated with their busy schedules, Murphy Thornton and Jessica
Faraday attempt to find togetherness by scheduling a weekly date night.
The last thing Jessica Faraday expected for her date night was to take a
couple’s gourmet cooking course at the Stepford Kitchen Studio, owned
by Chef Natalie Stepford―the model of perfection in looks, home, and

When Natalie ends up dead and Murphy goes missing, the Thorny Rose
detectives must peel back the layers of Natalie Stepford’s life to
discover that the pursuit of perfection can be deadly.


Buy the Book:
Add to Goodreads
Meet the Author:

Lauren Carr is the international
best-selling author of the Mac Faraday, Lovers in Crime, Chris Matheson
Cold Case, and Thorny Rose Mysteries—over twenty-five titles across
three fast-paced mystery series filled with twists and turns!

Book reviewers and readers alike
rave about how Lauren Carr’s seamlessly crosses genres to include
mystery, suspense, crime fiction, police procedurals, romance, and

A popular speaker, Lauren is also
the owner of Acorn Book Service, the umbrella under which falls iRead
Book Tours. She lives with her husband and two spoiled rotten German
Shepherds on a mountain in Harpers Ferry, WV.

Connect with the author: Website  ~  Twitter  ~  Facebook  ~  Instagram

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Feb 27 – My Devotional Thoughts – book review / author interview / giveaway
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Enter the Giveaway:

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Print Length: 417 pages
Page Numbers Source ISBN: 0996242015
Publisher: Big Picture Media Inc. (January 14, 20
Publication Date: January 14, 2020
Language: English


“Teenage angst like you’ve never seen it before.” —

“I wish I could go back and read it again and again – not knowing what would happen.” —, the world’s largest Harry Potter site.

Four beautiful girls. Quadruplets. They are not identical.
But each is named Claire.
Claire V is Clairvoyant—clear seeing with visions of the future.
Claire S is Clairsentient—clear feeling as she embraces another’s pain.
Claire A is Clairaudient—clear hearing to tap into the spirit world.
Claire C is Claircognizant—clear knowing with 100% accuracy.

Born in 1911, they first died together in 1928 at age seventeen. Two months later, they were reborn. And reborn. THE CLAIRES only live to seventeen and then they’re violently murdered. Somewhere in the world, a woman finds out she’s pregnant with quads. The Claires return to a new family as they try to break a curse that guarantees they die young.

It’s current-day Los Angeles, and once again, their seventeenth birthday is looming. Can they save themselves, clean up the streets in the name of penance, and crash their own prom?

The Claires is the first novel spin-off of the best-selling Ascenders Book Saga. Also available in paperback starting on January 14, 2020.

You can purchase The Claires: An Ascenders Novel at the following Retailers:
I received a free copy from the publisher for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.
The Claires is a standalone novel that is set in the same world as Gaber’s series, The Ascenders. Though I don’t know the series or the world, being introduced in this way, through The Claires, didn’t confuse me. Let me take a step back. There was some confusion.
At the very beginning of the book, the mention of America was that it was still considered the colonies. However, I’m not entirely sure if that is true. There is also a little bit about burning witches. That said, I chalked this up to world building and an alternate universe to our own. It’s not that difficult of a leap.
If anything, once I got past that idea, I realized that The Ascenders probably have more in the history of the world and the paranormal aspects. I grew excited about the idea of reading that series and I do plan to in the future.
Gaber’s writing is well done and pulls you into the story. I found myself liking each different point of view and giggling at times. The Claires felt like a band of sisters trying to find a way out of their inevitable end. Each sister had their own personality and it was interesting to see how they played off each other and the world.
It makes me wonder what they are like in the series and once again, I am finding another reason to put it in my TBR.
As if that wasn’t enough, can we just take a moment and admire the book cover? My son, Bug, even mentioned its beauty in the middle of him explaining how he should be on YouTube with me. If a book cover does that, it is an amazing book cover.
All in all, the book is good. It pulled me into their story all the while making me want to know more about the books it spun out of. For a fan of Gaber, I can only imagine that this is a good addition to your collection. For me, it looks like I may join the club and read more.
Final Rating: 4/5
Photo Content from C.L. Gaber

I’m C.L. Gaber, an author and film journalist for the New York Times Syndicate and Chicago Sun Times. I also co-authored Jex Malone series. Originally from Chicago, I make my home in Nevada with my husband, bonus daughter and two unruly dogs.

My husband knows that Ascenders began with me in bathroom half the night writing on tiny notepads because I didn’t want to wake him. When daylight did roll around, I told him, ”Baby, I had the most incredible dream”.

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