Book #30: Pretty Bones by Erin Lee

From the USA Today Bestselling author of The Ghosts who Raised Me comes the contemporary coming of age duet about growing up in a funeral home beginning with Pretty Bones. It’s complicated. Marlow has always been fascinated with bones. To her, they’re no big thing and everything. Bones are things that everybody has – even the dead. Yet, they’re responsible for most of her problems.The daughter of a mortician, Marlow has spent enough time with the cold bodies in the funeral home to be comfortable with the dead. In fact, the stiffs in the viewing room downstairs are some of her awkwardly-mute best friends. She certainly doesn’t have many of those at school. Not with her condition.But things are about to change.Tired of the daily scene at Kennedy High School, Marlow looks forward to her next bone density test where she’ll finally get answers about her condition. There, she hopes to learn more about idiopathic juvenile osteoporosis and the strand of it she has. With the right answers, she just knows the dead can help her. They have to. It’s not like they can object.It’s simple. Marlow has a plan.What happens when the living and the dead collide?Will the pretty bones be enough to change a life?

Pretty Bones is a novella that follows the life of a young woman named Marlow as she questions her meaning in life, whether or not she can truly live, and her rare bone disease.

On the surface, I wasn’t expecting to be so emotionally impacted by Pretty Bones. In fact, for the story itself, I’m not. It’s the other content next to Marlow’s own questions and life that had me thinking. I actually had to put the book down for a few days, maybe only reading a few pages at a time. It’s because I was having panic attacks.

To clarify, I understand that it is irrational and that having panic attacks over cold hard facts is almost too silly to comprehend. I recognize it. However, it doesn’t change the fact that it happens. If anything, it only proved to me more that the aspect of dying . . . no, I mean the end result of death, scares me.

Pretty Bones is written in a way where you get the facts behind a funeral home. At first glance, this can seem to push out the main part of the story, but when thinking how much the funeral world is so closely ingrained in Marlow, it begins to make sense. That said, it is the facts that had me.

I could go into depth about my own personal issues and I probably will in a regular blog post, but not for the review. To see my own fears and life, just check out the blog.

Anyways, as I mentioned before, the book is written with the bulk of the facts about the funeral business with small vignettes of Marlow’s day to day life. I personally didn’t have a problem with having that information in the narrative and in fact, it didn’t bother me when I could set aside my emotional brain. That said, there were parts in the book itself I wish happened more.

There is a person mentioned in the book. She’s dead, but her manner of death is mentioned. I realize that we don’t always get an answer and I have a feeling that is what Lee’s intention was, it just bums me out that we don’t get that resolution behind her death. There is also a moment where Marlow is invited to go to a teen safe space with a classmate. I would have liked to have seen that.

I think, I would have liked to see Marlow’s life more. That said, I recognize what was being done here. Erin Lee was trying to show how a “life” can take control of a person’s “living”. We all end up in the same place, but not everyone can say they truly lived. And I think that is what Erin Lee is getting at with Marlow’s story.

She is telling us that we need to stop worrying about death. Stop worrying about our day to day life and responsibilities. Instead, we need to find little adventures in our life and actually live. So, yeah, when you really sit down and think about it, the story means something more than just hard cold facts.

Unless I’m reading too much into it. But, I like my thoughts on it.

All in all, I would read more of Erin Lee’s work.

Final Rating: 3/5

RELEASE DAY! Unmasking the Ripper by various authors

Going back in time has never been more dangerous. 

Renowned Historian Jason Burns has always loved history, especially the Victorian Era. His success grew after he wrote a book from the viewpoint of the infamous Jack the Ripper. His fascination with the killer that evaded capture and killed three-hundred women grows with each day. He locks himself away and researches the most well-known murder case in history in his obsession to finally find out the identity of the Ripper. 
His detailed research into the mind of the Ripper doesn’t go unnoticed by the FBI. They request his help again as the news surfaces – a copy-cat killer is going around killing women leaving notes – Unmasking the Ripper. 
The FBI knock on his door and request his services again in what they believe is another time-travel scandal. 
Jason accepts the offer. This is his chance to find out who the Ripper really was. However, they want the Ripper captured alive, brought back to the present, and his identity left a mystery. 

FBI Agent, Danielle Morgan, better known as Dan, has never been out on the field. While other agents thrive on the excitement of that kind of work, she has always been more comfortable simply staying behind the scenes. 
When she´s unexpectedly recruited for a mission she never requested, she´s reluctant to accept. Especially when she discovers the reasons for the secrecy involving the entire mission.
Pressure to accept, but still unknowing the reasons for it, she´s worried about the sudden interest of the bureau to discover the Ripper´s identity and wanting to capture him alive. Sure, she´s aware it´s one of the greatest mysteries in Victorian England, but is past history, or isn’t it?

FBI Agent Jake has always been committed to his job. Not finding the time to be a part of a committed relationship, he has always been the best in his sector as he could focus all his time on work. However, Agent Danielle is stirring something inside of him that he hasn’t felt before; he actually cares about her.

May thought she could change the world. She thought going back would put a stop to the world’s most notorious serial killer.
But things didn’t happen quite as expected, and her twin sister, Scarlet, Jason, Dan, Jake, and she were trapped, unwilling pawns, and potential victims, of Jack the Ripper.
Scarlet is a genius and will do anything to protect her twin sister. Together with her sister, can they unveil the most notorious serial killer of Victorian England?

They never expected to be pushed in the direction they went. They had studied in great detail Victorian London. They were ready for anything and everything. Stopping Jack the Ripper was their main goal, their only goal, when they transported themselves back in time. Backed by the FBI, they would make, and change history.

Edmund James is a conservative member of the 24th Parliament in the House of Lords. He is a graduate of the Normal School of Science in London. He is intricately connected with London Society as well as with the London underworld. He is a master of disguise and frequents the Whitechapel district frequently incognito. There is nothing in the London underworld he is not privy to. 

Time travel, romance, murder, science, sprinkled with mystery and action, enjoy this incredible co-write today, presented by Enchanted Anthologies. 
Can you figure out who the Ripper is and how to stop him? What secrets will be unveiled behind each of the group members. It’s a dark world and something can always go wrong with time travel. Who would want to be stuck in one of the most dangerous periods in history?

Everyone worked hard making this anthology and I’m very excited to say that my fourth publication is now released! My story is about FBI Agent, Dan Morgan.

As the blurb states, Dan Morgan is a lab rat turned field agent sent in the hopes of finding the historical infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. I personally loved writing this character. She is a bit neurotic but sweet in her own way. I found myself calling her “Dan the Man” even though it was never mentioned in the story. I’m happy to know that she is in a story like this and with characters written by so many talented authors.

I thank R.L. Weeks and the group for letting me on board. I can’t wait for everyone to read it and tell me how they think.

It is available both in ebook and paperback. Grab a copy, sit back, and be enthralled with what is about to happen.


Book #73: Night Night Sleep Tight by Various Authors

Warning – These stories are not for the faint-hearted. This anthology is intended for readers aged 18+. 

‘When you wake up randomly in the night, there’s a good chance someone or something was watching you’ 
A bump in the night wakes you, the jolt just as you’re about to sleep could be something much more sinister than you thought, the sound outside your window is much more than a branch knocking in the wind, and no, you didn’t imagine that shadow in the corner of your eye… 
Night Night, Sleep Tight explores the horrific things that happen at night, from sleep paralysis to monsters hiding under the bed. 
So, Night Night, Sleep Tight, and don’t let them get you… 

Introduction by R. L. Weeks 
Under my Bed – Erin Lee 
Butcher’s Wife – K. L. Roth 
Embers and Ashes – Mary Duke 
Villisca Unraveled by A. Maslo 
The Pendant by Lorah Jaiyn 

I received an audiobook code from the publisher for an honest review. What follows is my opinion and mine alone. There was no compensation for this review.

What a way to grab my attention and spur the need for horror! Each story centered on the theme that there are things that happen should you sleep. Each one had their own twist, their own flavor, and I really liked most of them.

Out of the whole anthology, the last two were my least favorite. That said, I still enjoyed this book and it definitely put me in the mood for Fall.

Final Rating: 4/5

Writing Wednesday #6: RELEASE DAY!! Capture by Various Authors

“Bloodlust” by Casia Courtier

You see that gorgeous teaser poster? That’s for my story!!! Yes, today is the Capture release day! Enchanted Anthologies has released two paranormal romance anthologies today. I’m in the first one, but I also highly recommend getting the second one as well. I’m super excited to share this with you all and if you haven’t pre-ordered because you were waiting to see some teasers, that’s fine.

Here are the other wonderful stories Capture vol.1 has….

“Caged Hearts” by Erin Lee

“Cursed Roots” by Mila Waters

“Darkest Depths” by Yolanda Allard

“The Game” by Rena Marin

Check out the book in Amazon! And if you guys do get the book and read it, please leave a review. The review is an author’s bread and butter. Thank you all so much!