RELEASE DAY!! Devious Ingenues by various authors

Today is the release day for Devious Ingenues! If you don’t know what that is, it is an anthology I’m in about Hollywood corruption and the lengths a person would go to win a competition and become the next star.

My story is called “Daddy’s Girl”. My character is Anna Ricci, a young woman who would do anything to fix the reputation her father destroyed.



In 1947, Montgomery Studios is one of the biggest and most successful movie studios in Hollywood, churning out hit after hit and taking normal, everyday young men and women and turning them into stars.
Once a year, Montgomery Studios hosts a contest through The Next Ingenue Magazine to find a new Hollywood starlet. The finalists are brought to Hollywood for a screen test, and a contract is awarded to one lucky girl who Montgomery Studios will turn into a movie star.
The previous year’s winner, Myrna Moran, already the studio’s most popular actress, will be hosting the finalists in her Hollywood Hills home.
These girls will do anything to be the next Hollywood ‘It’ girl. Some are hiding racy pasts, others are fresh from the farm, a few are beauty contest winners. But nothing will stop their quest to win the Hollywood crown and unseat Myrna Moran (who has a few tricks up her sleeve).

Natalie-Nicole Bates – K.L. Bone – Casia Courtier
Krystle Able – Mila Waters
Marie Sterling – J. V. Stanley

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RELEASE DAY! Unmasking the Ripper by various authors

Going back in time has never been more dangerous. 

Renowned Historian Jason Burns has always loved history, especially the Victorian Era. His success grew after he wrote a book from the viewpoint of the infamous Jack the Ripper. His fascination with the killer that evaded capture and killed three-hundred women grows with each day. He locks himself away and researches the most well-known murder case in history in his obsession to finally find out the identity of the Ripper. 
His detailed research into the mind of the Ripper doesn’t go unnoticed by the FBI. They request his help again as the news surfaces – a copy-cat killer is going around killing women leaving notes – Unmasking the Ripper. 
The FBI knock on his door and request his services again in what they believe is another time-travel scandal. 
Jason accepts the offer. This is his chance to find out who the Ripper really was. However, they want the Ripper captured alive, brought back to the present, and his identity left a mystery. 

FBI Agent, Danielle Morgan, better known as Dan, has never been out on the field. While other agents thrive on the excitement of that kind of work, she has always been more comfortable simply staying behind the scenes. 
When she´s unexpectedly recruited for a mission she never requested, she´s reluctant to accept. Especially when she discovers the reasons for the secrecy involving the entire mission.
Pressure to accept, but still unknowing the reasons for it, she´s worried about the sudden interest of the bureau to discover the Ripper´s identity and wanting to capture him alive. Sure, she´s aware it´s one of the greatest mysteries in Victorian England, but is past history, or isn’t it?

FBI Agent Jake has always been committed to his job. Not finding the time to be a part of a committed relationship, he has always been the best in his sector as he could focus all his time on work. However, Agent Danielle is stirring something inside of him that he hasn’t felt before; he actually cares about her.

May thought she could change the world. She thought going back would put a stop to the world’s most notorious serial killer.
But things didn’t happen quite as expected, and her twin sister, Scarlet, Jason, Dan, Jake, and she were trapped, unwilling pawns, and potential victims, of Jack the Ripper.
Scarlet is a genius and will do anything to protect her twin sister. Together with her sister, can they unveil the most notorious serial killer of Victorian England?

They never expected to be pushed in the direction they went. They had studied in great detail Victorian London. They were ready for anything and everything. Stopping Jack the Ripper was their main goal, their only goal, when they transported themselves back in time. Backed by the FBI, they would make, and change history.

Edmund James is a conservative member of the 24th Parliament in the House of Lords. He is a graduate of the Normal School of Science in London. He is intricately connected with London Society as well as with the London underworld. He is a master of disguise and frequents the Whitechapel district frequently incognito. There is nothing in the London underworld he is not privy to. 

Time travel, romance, murder, science, sprinkled with mystery and action, enjoy this incredible co-write today, presented by Enchanted Anthologies. 
Can you figure out who the Ripper is and how to stop him? What secrets will be unveiled behind each of the group members. It’s a dark world and something can always go wrong with time travel. Who would want to be stuck in one of the most dangerous periods in history?

Everyone worked hard making this anthology and I’m very excited to say that my fourth publication is now released! My story is about FBI Agent, Dan Morgan.

As the blurb states, Dan Morgan is a lab rat turned field agent sent in the hopes of finding the historical infamous serial killer, Jack the Ripper. I personally loved writing this character. She is a bit neurotic but sweet in her own way. I found myself calling her “Dan the Man” even though it was never mentioned in the story. I’m happy to know that she is in a story like this and with characters written by so many talented authors.

I thank R.L. Weeks and the group for letting me on board. I can’t wait for everyone to read it and tell me how they think.

It is available both in ebook and paperback. Grab a copy, sit back, and be enthralled with what is about to happen.


Wait… I’m in another Anthology!

Hey guys! As you know, I’m also working towards becoming a full-time author. In order to do that, I’ve been writing like mad and have been in two anthologies this year. Well, I’m happy to announce that it’s actually going to be three now! The book is titled The Forest of the Dark and it’s an Enchanted Anthologies anthology edited by Angie Wade.

Release date: November 20, 2018

A collection of paranormal stories by nine authors. What happens in the Forest of the Dark? 

Even in the face of evil, there is nothing stronger than a mother’s love. ~ Rena Marin, Heart. 
Being the first victim of a serial killer sucks….for him ~ M. Rain Ranalli, Demon’s Lullaby. 
One kill was not enough to sate it, my vamp side yearned to make blood rain and play in the puddles ~ Jenee Robinson, Outcast. 
If you chase after dark legends, don’t be surprised if you become one. ~ C. J. Laurence, Black Forest Gateaux. 
The cry of a child is like a sirens call, but if you enter the woods, you will fall. ~ Ellabee Andrews, The Boy in the Blue Coat. 
When a predator of the night finds they have become the prey.. Does she run? Or does she stay and fight for what is rightfully hers….. Her forest. ~Erica Andrews, Willow. 
He’ll never go hungry again. ~ Casia Courtier, The God of the Forest 
Many choose to dangle from the limbs but the limbs are what entangles. ~ J. V. Stanley, The Hanging Tree. 
Don’t look for movement in the shadows, watch for the shadows that move. ~ Lorah Jaiyn, Shadow of the TreesMy contribution to the anthology is, “The God of the Forest”. It was inspired by the slender-man stories, but with my own little twist.

My contribution to the anthology is, “The God of the Forest”. It was inspired by the slender-man stories, but with my own little twist.

The other stories are just as creepy. Here are their teasers too!

The Forest of the Dark is available on Amazon and you can pre-order it right now! Just click on the Amazon link below and pre-order it. If you can’t right now or the book doesn’t interest you, that’s cool too. It would be just as great if you tell your paranormal/horror pals about it.


Happy Birthday, Bro!- A Word Crawl

As you probably have figured out, I am on a Word Crawl kick. I have written another one to share with the class. I hope you guys enjoy it and it helps with your writing! I’m probably going to use it myself now.


Happy Birthday, Bro! – A Word Crawl

 Hey you! It’s been a while since you went on that quest with the cat. After you saved Bast from that little illness, the cat took you back to your apartment. It has been a while since you’ve done that quest and, to be honest, you’re starting to get a bit bored. You begin to wonder if there will be any more adventures for you in the future.

Write 150 words to get out of the apartment to get rid of this boredom.

 What’s this? You open your door to find an unusual letter on the ground. It is actually a large leaf, but it has your address on it and a stamp. You pick it up and read what it says.

Hey, bro! We have a birthday party happening soon! You should join us- your Sasquatch pals.

You can’t help but be excited about this. It’s been a while since you last went to a party. In fact, it was the party you held to get that Sasquatch hair. How cool is it that you get to see them again? Not only that, but you get to do it outside of questing. That’s awesome! Uh oh…. There’s just one problem with this… you don’t have a birthday present.

Do a 5 minute sprint to decide whether or not you are going to give the Sasquatch a present. Because, just what do you give a Sasquatch?

  •  If you have written less than 80 words, you think it’s best to not bother with a present. If anything, your presence should be enough. Write an extra 100 words if you’ve changed your mind about not giving a gift. If you haven’t, head over to THE PARTY.
  • If you have written 81+ words, you are a great guest for parties, especially birthdays. Of course you want to give the Sasquatch a present. It’s just not cool if you don’t.

Since you’ve decided that the gift is the best idea, what are you going to give the Sasquatch? Sprint for another 5 minutes as you try to think of options.

  • If you have written 40-80 words, you aren’t that great at gift giving. You decide that a humor birthday card with a gift card to Supercuts is the best option.
  • If you have written 81-100 words, you have thought of an amazing hair barrette and head band. Who cares what gender the Sasquatch is, when it comes to hair you must always be fashionable.
  • If you have written 101+ words, your brilliant mind went to the most obvious gift. You decide a shampoo and conditioner set that is cruelty free and all natural would be perfect for your fuzzy tree hugging friend.

Now that you have the gift, you’re ready to see your Sasquatch friends. Go you! Making friends and having a fun time is great. Call up or message a fellow writer and set up a writing war. Try and beat your friend’s word count in a 20 minute sprint. If you lose, that’s okay, you had some fun. If you won, you are awesome! Take a 5 minute break after your awesome writing party. (If you can’t get a hold of a fellow writer to sprint with, that’s okay. Sprint against yourself with two 10 minute sprints. If you can double the last number, consider that a win and take a 5 minute break.)


 You’ve made it to the Sasquatch birthday party and boy is it crazy. Do a 5 minute sprint to socialize with your buds.

 If you went to the party WITHOUT A GIFT, the Sasquatch are happy to have you there, but disappointed. You have the choice to Write 500 words to get a gift or Minus 3 minutes to the following sprints.

 It’s time for some entertainment! Are you going to have Music at the party or Nature’s Call? Sprint for 10 minutes to see what you’ve chosen.

  • If you have written 80-150 words, you chose NATURE’S CALL. The party isn’t as crazy as it could be, but sometimes just socializing with friends is best.
  • If you have written 151+ words, you chose Celebrate your awesome writing skills and friendship with a favorite song. Dance, sing, and just enjoy this moment.

It’s time to open presents! Yay! Sprint for 5 minutes as you watch the Sasquatch open its gifts (minus 3 minutes if you didn’t bring anything).

  • If you have less than 40 words, the Sasquatch aren’t too pleased with your ability to party alongside them. They are questioning whether to invite you to future shindigs. Write 150 words to convince them to let you in another party.
  • If you have written 41-80 words, the Sasquatch are pleased with your party skills and would like to have you around again. They also think you need help loosening those fingers. Write 75 words since you understand that sometimes you need to work on relaxing.
  • If you have written 81+ words, dude! You are probably the coolest cat in the forest! Go have a fun time with your Sasquatch pals. They loved the way you moved and grooved, how you brought the perfect gift, and you knew all the words to their songs. That’s pretty badass. Go have a party right now to celebrate. You did great.

 Man, that was some party. Take a break and have a good time with your writing. I’m proud of you, pal.

Bast’s Quest- A Word Crawl

So far during this year’s NaNoWriMo, I have learned that I am a person who might need to free-write to keep the creative juices flowing. I have found myself doing a lot of it this year and in the process of it, I wrote a Word Crawl. Yep, I just wrote a Word Crawl.

I actually didn’t know about them until this year and couldn’t find one that really pleased me. So, I decided to make my own. I’m counting all my blog posts and random free-writes for this year’s word count and honestly, it’s been very helpful in keeping my brain moving. That said, here is my word crawl and I hope you all enjoy it!

Bast’s Quest- A Word Crawl

You step out of your apartment and see a cute kitty at the end of the carpeted hallway of your apartment complex. It is sitting there like a cat statue, staring at you. You notice a bright heavenly light is encircled around the feline. This is weird because as far as you know, the landlord hadn’t put in a roof light and there are no windows to cast light over the cat.

Do a 1 minute word sprint as you walk towards the cat.

  • If you have written less than 40 words, you walk around the cat to get out of the apartment building. The cat is displeased by this and attacks your ankle. As you are bleeding in pain, the cat commands you to kneel: “Bow before me peasant!” WRITE 100 WORDS AS PENANCE.
  • If you have written 40+ words, you kneel before the cat and bring out your hand. The cat sniffs at it and allows you to pet the top of his head. As you are caressing his fluff, he purrs softly to you that come out as actual words: “Good, Peasant. You are suitable for this quest.”

Do a 5 minute sprint as you listen to the cat’s quest.

You have learned that the cat’s mistress, the Egyptian goddess Bast, is having a tough time. She’s sick and needs someone to gather the ingredients for her healing potion. There is a problem though, each ingredient is being safeguarded by dangerous creatures and only one hero can obtain them.

For some reason, the cat has deemed you as that hero. Do you accept your new role or back off?

If you accept that role, write 150 words as you gather up your essentials for the arduous journey ahead.

If you decline the offer, do a 20 minute sprint.

  • If you have written less than 400 words, the cat is angered by your decision. He smacks you in the face with claws out. “You will obey me, Peasant! If you do not, you will suffer greater deaths than my prey.” Continue to write until you have reached your 400. You will be going on that quest even if it kills you.
  • If you have written 400+ words, the cat is disappointed, but impressed at your silver tongue. “That is fine, Peasant. I shall find a different hero who is more equipped at this quest. Thank you for your time.” Write another 100 words if you decided to change your mind. You are free to do whatever you want if you decided to leave.

You have decided to take on the quest. You have your provisions in your suitcase and the cat has instructed you to get into your car. Where are you going first? To Providence, Rhode Island. The first ingredient is a tentacle from a sea monster.

To use your GPS, do a 2 minute sprint.

  • If you have written less than 40 words, you have gotten lost somewhere down the trip. You have to pull over and ask directions. The cat is not pleased about this. “You imbecile!” He hisses. He has smacked you in the hand for your lack of progress. And yes, the claws were out. Write 100 words as you heal and get the directions you need to please your new overlord.
  • If you have written 40+ words, not only is your GPS working but you are somehow able to figure out how to get there before it instructs you. Is this the magic of the cat? Reward yourself on a good job. Take a mini walk, get a drink, and then get back down to business. You have a sea monster tentacle to obtain.

“You have reached your destination.” Your GPS says to you. You sigh in relief. The cat purrs and stretches out the kinks in his muscles. “Be sure to not kill the monster, Peasant. We do not have time for his kin and I do not wish to waste what time we do have in this hellhole.”

Do a 10 minute sprint as you find out where the sea monster resides and prepare to take its tentacle.

It appears that the sea monster likes to frequent an inn on the boardwalk. He is currently staying at one right this moment. You decide to visit the inn. But, how are you going to get the tentacle? You have three choices on how to do this. Do you: A. Ask the sea monster graciously for a piece of one of his lesser loved tentacles, B. Attack the sea monster as he walks down the boardwalk, or C. Wait until the sea monster sleeps before you attack.

  • If you chose A, do a 5 minute sprint as you explain to him why you need this lesser loved tentacle.
    • If you have written 40-80 words, he laughs in your face. Write 100 words in order to gain the confidence to either try again or do a different route.
    • If you have written 81-100 words, he takes into consideration your plight, but tells you that there is a price for his tentacle. Write 250 words to pay for the tentacle.
    • If you have written 101+ words, the sea monster is impressed with your fervor and passionate plea. Not only does he give you a tentacle, but he gives you his business card. He may need a word-smith like you for a future adventure.
  • If you chose B, do a 10 minute sprint as you attack the sea monster for his tentacle.
    • If you have written 40-80 words, he laughs at your puny attempt in an attack. The cat appears and has to heal you now. Write 400 words in order for the cat to heal you so that you can try again or a different route.
    • If you have written 81-100 words, the sea monster is impressed that you made the idiotic attempt at attacking him. He still wins the fight, but he might give you the tentacle… for a fee. Write 300 words to pay for the tentacle and to heal.
    • If you have written 101+ words, you have beaten the sea monster and have gotten the tentacle. Use this time wisely and haul ass. He isn’t pleased.
  • If you chose C, do a 15 minute sprint as you wait for the night to fall.
    • If you have written 40-80 words, the sea monster has been woken up the moment you stepped into his room. He has found you and is upset that you interrupted his beauty rest. Write 500 words to get away from him and get the courage to try again or go a different route.
    • If you have written 81-100 words, the sea monster has been woken the moment you have obtained a tentacle you have two choices:
      • Write 400 words to lull the sea monster back to sleep and hightail it out of there.
      • Write 100 words to explain to the sea monster why you are there and have taken the tentacle. He will give it to you, but for a price. Write another 250 words to pay for the tentacle.
    • If you have written 101+ words. You have gotten the tentacle and made it out of the inn unscathed. The cat is impressed with your work. He allows you to pet him as he compliments you on your work, “Very good, Peasant. You truly are suitable for this quest.”

Congratulations on getting the tentacle. You now have two more ingredients to get: A vampire fang and a hair from a Sasquatch. Which one are you going to get first?

  • To go to New Orleans, Louisiana for the vampire fang, write to the next 1000. Vampires are nasty little buggers and you need to be prepared.
  • To go to the National Redwood Forest in California, write 550 words. The Sasquatch are strong, but not as mean as the vampires.


You have made it to New Orleans and man is it cool! Well, it’s actually hot, but it’s a cool place to be. Take a 5 minute break to experience the city. You see a whole bunch of different people walking around having a great old time. The cat is walking down the sidewalk like he owns the city and he probably does. He is talking to you as he walks.

“The sea monster is a baby compared to the vampire. You need to be on your guard. You may want to get some wooden stakes for this one. Or garlic. But you definitely need to make sure you don’t kill a living vampire. Those are humans who drink blood.” He weaves under people’s feet, causing them to trip and almost fall. He doesn’t care and he doesn’t expect you to either. Don’t bother taking care of them. You’re on a mission.

“Remember, we don’t have the time for you to mess around. Get the fang and get out. If you end up killing a living vampire and go to prison, I’m not paying for your bail.”

Do a 10 minute sprint as you search for the blood-drinking undead and get the garlic and wooden stakes.

  • If you have written less than 80 words, you have accidentally found a living vampire. Quick! Write another 100 words before you end up staking them. After that is done, you have sufficiently scared the living vampire into giving you the location of the real vampire’s lair. Be proud of yourself, you aren’t in prison.
  • If you have written more than 80 words, congratulations! The person you’ve been following was actually a living vampire, but they do know a real vampire. They take you to the vampire’s lair. You’re going to need to do some quick thinking. Do you bring the wooden stakes or the garlic with you?
    • If you have chosen the wooden stakes, you’re in luck. For the following sprints, be sure to add an extra 3 minutes to your sprinting time.
    • If you have chosen the garlic, take off 3 minutes to your sprinting time for the following sprints.

You now have your weapon of choice and follow the living vampire to the vampire’s lair. Do a 5 minute sprint as you sneak to the vampire’s coffin.

  • If you have chosen garlic:
    • If you have written 40-80 words, the vampire has smelled the garlic and has awoken. He attacks you and you are now dying. Write 200 words in order for the cat to heal you. He won’t be happy, but you have a job to finish. Try the sprint again.
    • If you have written 81-100 words, the vampire has smelled the garlic and has awoken, but you were quick on your feet. You’ve not only punched the vampire in the face, you’ve also kicked him! Look at you, you badass! A fang has fallen out of his mouth. Write 100 words in order to find the fang and get out of the lair quick.
    • If you have written 101+ words, that vampire is so tired he didn’t even open an eye at the smell of your garlic. You shove the garlic into his mouth and he starts coughing. A fang has been blown clean out of his mouth and you catch it. Quick! Get out of there!
  • If you have chosen the wooden stakes:
    • If you have written 40-80 words, the vampire wakes just as you have the stake to your chest. He grabs at you before you can get him. Write 200 words in order for the cat to heal you. He won’t be happy, but you have a job to finish. Try the sprint again.
    • If you have written 81-100 words, the vampire screams as you are pushing the stake into his chest. His loud voice has broken your eardrums, but you have successfully killed him. Write 100 words to get the fang out of his mouth. The cat is pleased and heals you for your hard-work.
    • If you have written 101+ words, the vampire sleeps through his death. There is a soft gasp as he opens his mouth. You quickly grab the fang and put it in your pocket. Walk out of his lair like the badass you are, you deserve it!

Great job at getting that fang! It was a toughie. If this was your last stop, head over to Bast’s house. If you still have to get the Sasquatch hair, head on to the National Redwood Forest, but watch out! They are a lively bunch those Sasquatch.

National Redwood Forest, California

You are now traveling the heavily wooded back roads of the National Redwood Forest. These trees are HUGE. Take a little 5 minute break to experience the majesty of these old trees. The cat is sitting in the passenger seat of the car and instructs you to drive to a little campground. The campground is free and not filled with tourists. He is talking to you as you sit in the car.

“Now, the Sasquatch are actually a peaceful bunch, but they like to party. Don’t bother with a fire because they won’t come over, but if you have some good music, then they might come to join you.”

Do you decide to turn on the music or let nature’s call lead the Sasquatch to you? Do a 5 minute sprint as you make your decision.

  • If you have chosen music, put on your favorite song or a song in your WIP playlist and sprint to the time of that song.
    • If you have written 40-85 words, the Sasquatch have heard your song and have joined the party. Write an extra 100 words to convince one of them to give you a lock of its hair.
    • If you have written 86+ words, the Sasquatch have heard your song and have joined the party. Not only do you get a lock of hair, but they also invite you to visit again! Party with them for 5 minutes, you deserve this break!
  • If you have chosen nature’s call, do a 5 minute sprint.
    • If you have written 40-85 words, the Sasquatch are bored with your stagnant ways and haven’t bothered to join you. Write 100 words to turn on the radio and get that lock of hair.
    • If you have written 86+ words, the Sasquatch have come to check you out. They think you’re pretty chill for a human. They give you a lock of hair and a piece of advice: “Sometimes you got to dance it out and sometimes you just need to breathe and take in life.”

Congratulations! You have gotten the lock of hair from the Sasquatch. If this was your last ingredient, head over to Bast’s House. If you still have the vampire fang to get, good luck on your adventure!

Bast’s House

The cat is very pleased with your work. He understands that you are tired, but he knows that there is no rest until the quest is over with. Now that you have your three important ingredients, take a 5 minute break to gather up something to drink.

“Good job with what you have done. Here is my lady.” The cat introduces you to a sickly woman. At first she seems like a normal person who is sick in bed, but on quick notice, you find that she has adorable cat ears and a tail. She doesn’t look well though. You need to get that potion made and quickly!

Do a 20 minute word sprint as you gather the ingredients and brew Bast’s potion for her.

Bast drinks the potion and slowly regains a healthy color. She looks at you and nods her thanks. The cat purrs and jumps into his mistresses lap. You are rewarded for a good quest’s work. Go and have a fun time you amazing writer! You just saved a goddess. Not many people can say that!

Published Again!!! Check it out! TALES FROM ALTERNATE EARTHS VOL 2

A Writing Update to make you all smile! I have another story out there in the world!! Yep, I am in ANOTHER anthology!

This time it is a scifi/fantasy anthology about alternate dimensions. Think this: What would happen if the Salem Witch Trials didn’t end?

That’s what my story, “The Accused”, is about. It’s set in the 1990’s, 300 years after the Salem Witch Trials of our universe. But, in the universe of my story, the world is very different indeed.

It was a great experience working with the other authors and making this anthology happen. I can’t wait to see what people think of my story. Check it out and visit all the alternate worlds me and the other authors have to offer! It will be available in both print and ebook (print is currently underway so keep an eye out). The link is below the blurb.


The successor to the Sidewise Award winning Tales From Alternate Earths is here. 

Step into the worlds that might have been, the worlds of alternate history where climate change plunges the Earth into a frozen landscape, where the Moon landings may not have happened the way they did in our world, where a 10th century polymath invents the glider and changes the world, where Jacques Cousteau’s successors create an undersea city, where Soviet astronauts are feted as heroes as they lead the way in space, where time travel runs wild and where fairy beings tiptoe into reality. All this and more. There are Americas of a different tilt, an alternate path steering away from world war, and nations where the most dangerous thing is knowledge. 

Authors Jessica Holmes, Daniel M. Bensen, Rob Edwards, Leo McBride, Christopher Edwards, Gideon Marcus, Casia Courtier, Jeff Provine, Cindy Tomamichel, Brent A. Harris and Bonnie Milani show us the world that might have been – if the world had taken a different path. 

This is the seventh anthology from Inklings Press, as we continue to open the door onto different worlds, with a foreword by Sidewise Award winner Daniel M. Bensen.


Great News!

Hi guys . . . it’s been a while. For that, I’m sorry. I haven’t been able to really compile the brain cells into a cohesive machine for a while now. I’m currently forcing my brain to work.

Basically, a ton of emotional stuff has been going on that made this month pretty crazy and I feel like I just need a rest. That said . . . I have some AMAZING news!

Drum roll please . . .

I AM GETTING PUBLISHED!!! That’s right, your girl right here has a book nestled into the bosom of a publisher.

Thank you, Jimmy, for your dance. I’m excited too.

The publisher who decided to take that leap with me is BTP and Imprints.  My book is called Possession and will be in the imprint, Feather Dreams. This is their spot for young adult and I’m super excited about this!

Even though we are still in the infancy of making this happen, there’s no doubt in my mind that it’s going to be amazing. BTP&Imprints has an amazing group of people and I’m excited to be a part of the family.

That said, there is actually an event that I will be attending. It’s a Facebook party hosted by BTP&Imprints and Titan Publishing. There will be giveaways and authors published by these two publishers will be talking about their books.

And guess what?

Well, Chris Pratt (love you btw), I will be in the event! I have asked for the schedule slot for July 1st at 1400 (2pm) EST.  I won’t have much in giveaways (I’m slim in the book swag right now), but I will be talking about my book and what led up to it being made! This is a huge deal for me. It will be the kickstart to something amazing and I would love to see you guys there!

The event is called: Start of Summer Big Read Event and you can check it out HERE!

(Chris Pratt or Jimmy Fallon, if you guys happen to see this and actually join in . . . you may cause me to have a heart attack and squee like a little fangirl)


Writing Wednesday #7: A Street Team?

Yep, that’s right! I have a street team now. No, I don’t have a ton of books under my belt right now and no, I don’t have a lot to give in giveaways or other awesome street team incentives, but I have one!

It’s a big deal for me because I wanted to be able to tell peeps ASAP and not have to wait until the scheduled blog post comes up. For instance, the team was actually set up on Feb. 14. A whole week has passed and now you guys know. It’s sad, man.

What do I have going on in the street team? Well, I’m doing my fiction via poll there! I loved it so much in the event that I have pushed it there after the event ended. It’s a big writing motivator for me and I haven’t seen other authors do this at all. I figured it’d be a fun way to see how I work with others and how others see me.

So, yeah… join my street team, here, if you want to be updated well before the blog post. It’s okay if you don’t. I’ll still like you.

Writing Wednesday #6: RELEASE DAY!! Capture by Various Authors

“Bloodlust” by Casia Courtier

You see that gorgeous teaser poster? That’s for my story!!! Yes, today is the Capture release day! Enchanted Anthologies has released two paranormal romance anthologies today. I’m in the first one, but I also highly recommend getting the second one as well. I’m super excited to share this with you all and if you haven’t pre-ordered because you were waiting to see some teasers, that’s fine.

Here are the other wonderful stories Capture vol.1 has….

“Caged Hearts” by Erin Lee

“Cursed Roots” by Mila Waters

“Darkest Depths” by Yolanda Allard

“The Game” by Rena Marin

Check out the book in Amazon! And if you guys do get the book and read it, please leave a review. The review is an author’s bread and butter. Thank you all so much!