A Realization

You see it all the time in movies featuring authors. They are idealistic. They talk to themselves, sometimes narrating the obvious, but above all they are eccentric. What is it with movies featuring authors like this? Whatever their reason, I find this to be the truth.

I love reading blogs from authors. They give you an insight to the minds of what I like to think of as literary geniuses (even if they aren’t, the fact that someone can conceive worlds, people, and concepts AND make them believable is just a beautiful thing. It is an art that many talent shows forget and discourage). Anyway, one specific author I just read is Amanda Hocking. If you don’t know about her, you haven’t seen the news a few months ago about her amazing leap from independent e-book to mainstream publication. Believe me, it’s inspiring and awesome. I even own two of her books. The third installment is coming out April 28th and I can’t wait. All three of them are on my book list for the year. I’m debating on reading her after my current book or go to some kind of smut. Anyway, her current blog post reminded me of not only the movie authors, but also of myself.

It is somehow encouraging to see that other people are just as eccentric as you are. I mean, it’s very difficult to find people who understand. There’s a joke among my friends that I have a language all of my own. I am so random that for the most part they don’t know what I’m saying. I’m surprised anyone could understand what I’m saying in this thing. There is only two people who could break the language barrier from day one: my husband and my best friend. It is because of this that I call them my joined soul mates. I have no doubt in my mind that I’ve known them longer than any other person (spiritually speaking).

By realizing that there are other people who think like me, I now have a sense of community. I’m not the only random thinker. I may be the most flighty of the random thinkers, but I’m not the only one. Community is important to humans and finding out that there is a community (granted a spread out population) makes me feel that writing is what I’m supposed to be doing. It’s uplifting and amazing.


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