Getting Closer to my Dreams

And here I thought I would have to work harder and harder with little to no results for at least another two or three years. I just got word from the literary journal I sent my first short story to. And, guess what? That’s right! This chica is getting published! Of course, I have to read the contract and sign it if I agree with it, but for the most part my dreams are happening.

That just goes to show, with a little dash of luck, a dash of talent, and a HUGE chunk of pure determination, anything can happen. Yes, this is not a HUGE book deal and I’m not on the NY Times Bestseller’s List, but now it’s a matter of time and hard work. I know now that I can write, and not from family/friends, and with this fact I know I can make it happen. So, for all the people who have disliked my work or has made an issue to say it to my face that I’m bad, thank you. Because of you guys and especially the one’s who believe, I am getting that much closer to what I really want in life. I don’t think I can get anymore excited with life right now, except for the birth of my baby.


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