UNfriendly Things Friends Do

We’ve all done it. There are times when our friends anger and hurt us that we don’t bother saying anything. Why do we do this? For some people it’s the confrontation and how that doesn’t pan well for their personality. Others don’t want to get hurt more so they say nothing. And then there are others who don’t say anything because they don’t want to hurt the other person the way they’ve been hurting.
I have just found out that there is another person out there in the world who feels that I was self-absorbed at my wedding (which isn’t true, but that’s how they feel and therefore, it is still valid). She has just recently become a good friend and next thing I know, she isn’t talking with me. I honestly thought it had to do with the fact that I am pregnant and she isn’t. You know, a bit of jealous. I thought I would give her alone time to figure things out and then she’ll tell me how silly she’s been feeling or hurt and everything would be fine again.
Nope, turns out whatever I did, I did it months ago. But has she said a word? No. Is she going to tell me? Not unless I talk to her face to face, and even then I think I will be the bitch she thinks I am.
The thing is, I have no problem apologizing and telling her my side of everything. After all, communication is what makes things work. I have no problem apologizing for how I didn’t make her feel more important. Hell, I’ve already done that for everyone else.
My problem is, she won’t tell me why. I have only found these things out from MY MOTHER, and another friend. I had no idea that my friend was angry and hurt. QUESTION: HOW ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO APOLOGIZE WHEN YOU HAVE NO IDEA WHAT TO APOLOGIZE FOR?
ANSWER: You can’t.
And so, my advice for anyone who has been hurt by someone, but hasn’t bothered to tell them… TELL THEM. Believe me, if it hurts them then at least you know they care. If you don’t say anything, you’ll have no idea. Plus, it’s the friend thing to do.
And now, I need advice….
Should I go to her face to face about this or just ignore her too since she wants nothing to do with me and hasn’t bothered to put the effort in telling me why?


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