I have been so worried about the possibility of getting published that I haven’t taken the time to remind myself that it’s the craft that matters, not the publisher. And so, I plan to do just that. I am going to embrace my writing and just write. I don’t want to think about the future rejection papers or anything like that. When I am done with my first manuscript, I even plan on self publishing. That way, I am still doing what I love, maybe making money off of it, and I still achieve my dream.
I came to this realization when I was walking through a bookstore and in the young adult section there was a book written by Amanda Hocking. The author is originally a self published author. The book currently on the shelves had a different cover and didn’t have much of a distributor past the internet or word of mouth. And here it was, within my reach in my local bookstore. It was easy to figure out that over time, her book made it to a publishing big wig. What do I have to lose with trying? Nothing really. What do I have to lose by not writing? Everything. I will lose the first thing I’ve ever been in love with. Can you live without love? I can’t.


One thought on “IDEA!

  1. So many writers I’ve met through the years have worried about publishing and when the would send it. The ultimate goal for every serious writer is to become a published and respected author. We sometimes get caught up in an ego trip of our mind’s creation–the “what if” syndrome. Some writers feel they have all the time in the world, and others do not. It is a matter of perspective. The thing to do is to never forget why we, the writers, are in love with our profession in the first place. Keep writing!

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