Book Review: So Far….

Awesome movie, the original, I haven’t seen the Hollywood version yet, but I plan to. However, I’m still on the fence of the book. So far, the movie is a great adaptation of its literary parent. Which makes it difficult to get into the book because I have seen the movie. It feels like I’ve already experienced the story. This is a pro for the relationship between the book and the film, but I really should have thought it through before watching the movie. I feel like I jipped myself.
The critics are correct, it is an amazing book. It’s well written and so far any scene with sex in it is not gratuitous. That’s a plus. Also, I do love how you are pulled into the mystery. My only beef about the book, and seriously it’s a personal thing, is the business side of the story. Granted, it makes sense why there is a lot of business and economical aspects about it. It’s about a business journalist, hello, what more could I expect? But really, it feels that the business part is the main dominator and the mystery sort of is a back seat driver. However, I am not done with the book and there is nothing about it that is forcing me to put it down. Except for my sheer stupidity of watching the film before reading the book. I should never have broken that solid rule.


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